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  • Subete Yoi

    (Ignore this blog post... just a way to motivate myself) I'm going to cut myself a break this time. Not going to touch the wikia for a long while as I have other interests. I might still play Milihime, extracting voice clips for the wikia but I'll stockpile them... not uploading it in the wikia. Maybe once I've finished whatever I need to do, I can come back with my resources ready.

    Good Riddance...

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  • Subete Yoi


    March 13, 2015 by Subete Yoi

    I'm going to leave this Wikia alone for a long time. Not much reason why but some may already know.

    Once I come back, I won't be surprised if it's in a horrendous mess filled with false information.

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  • Subete Yoi

    Break No.1

    February 26, 2015 by Subete Yoi

    I'll be taking a break from editing for now till god knows when.

    Hopefully when I have time to go back editing, it won't be in a uber mess... and I'll have to clean everything up again...

    - Subete_Yoi, PRAY & PRAISE

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  • Subete Yoi


    February 25, 2015 by Subete Yoi

    Came here to help. Thus, I shall help.

    Also, good lord... if only I have some rights, I can literally clean the pages up and placing the pages to their right tabs! Organize and make new tabs for the right pages. Not to forget deleting old, useless and excess pages that acts like a tic to the Wikia. 

    I know not of the game in terms of knowledge but I can at least make it look professional and reader friendly.

    - Subete Yoi, GEEEEEZZZ

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