Putting up some common phrases/terms from the dialogue tables, so I can be consistant with the translations.

"攻撃..." (Kōgeki) - Attack...
"砲撃" (Hōgeki) - Bombardment
"撃つ" (Utsu) - Shoot
"撃ちます" (Uchi!) - Shooting!
"撃て" (Ute) - Fire!
"発射" (hassha!) - Firing

"それ" (Sore) - There!
"直撃" (Chokugeki) -Direct Hit
"目標発見" (Mokuhyō hakken) - Target Spotted
"装填" (Sōten) - Reloading
"完了" (kanryō) - Complete
"はい!" (Hai!) - Yes, sir!
"主砲" (Shuhō) - Main Gun
"開始" (kaishi) - Commence/Start
"始め" (Hajime) - Begin/Opening

"-するね" (-suru ne)- I will/You will

'ENglish' terms
"シュート" -Shoot
"ファイヤ(~)" Fire
"ポンド砲" (6-Pondo-hō) - 6-Pound(er) Gun

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