• Caterwaul

    Fooling around with a new Equipment template



    }|No.}}} }


    }|Effects :}}}

    }|Scrap value :}}}


    Refittable Class

    Mechanized Infantry
    Light Tank

    Medium Tank
    Heavy Tank
    Assault Gun

    Tank Destroyer
    Heavy AT Gun
    SP Howitzer

    Rocket Artillery
    Towed Artillery
    Anti-Aircraft Gun

    Command Vehicle
    Ground Attack Aircraft

    The MP40 will serve as a test page for this template

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  • Caterwaul

    All the milihime sound files are downloaded from the resource site during play, all following the same pattern. This makes it relatively easy to grab them yourself. Typically, the url is something like this.
    XXX = The ID number of the Hime in question. Always a three digit number.
    YYYY = The actual code used for dialogue. Consistant across himes. Ends in 0.
    vZZ = 'Version number' Currently at v29

    0010: Introduction
    0020: Secretary Dialogue 1
    0030: Secretary Dialogue 2
    0040: Secretary Dialogue 3
    0050: Secretary Idle
    0060: Secretary Select
    0070: Searching/Special Duty Launched
    0080: Selected for Squad
    0090: Sortie Start
    0100: Battlefield Map - Positive
    0110: Battlefield Map - Nega…

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  • Caterwaul

    Common Phrases

    March 30, 2015 by Caterwaul

    Putting up some common phrases/terms from the dialogue tables, so I can be consistant with the translations.

    "攻撃..." (Kōgeki) - Attack...
    "砲撃" (Hōgeki) - Bombardment
    "撃つ" (Utsu) - Shoot
    "撃ちます" (Uchi!) - Shooting!
    "撃て" (Ute) - Fire!
    "発射" (hassha!) - Firing

    "それ" (Sore) - There!
    "直撃" (Chokugeki) -Direct Hit
    "目標発見" (Mokuhyō hakken) - Target Spotted
    "装填" (Sōten) - Reloading
    "完了" (kanryō) - Complete
    "はい!" (Hai!) - Yes, sir!
    "主砲" (Shuhō) - Main Gun
    "開始" (kaishi) - Commence/Start
    "始め" (Hajime) - Begin/Opening

    "-するね" (-suru ne)- I will/You will

    'ENglish' terms
    "シュート" -Shoot
    "ファイヤ(~)" Fire
    "ポンド砲" (6-Pondo-hō) - 6-Pound(er) Gun

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  • Caterwaul

    Hime Template

    March 30, 2015 by Caterwaul

    Hime 'template'

    • She's based on xxx

    • View xxx' CG
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  • Caterwaul

    Dialogue Markups

    March 30, 2015 by Caterwaul

    |ClipIntro = v_131_0010.ogg |ClipLibrary = v_131_0300.ogg |ClipSecSelect = v_131_0060.ogg |ClipSecDial1 = v_131_0020.ogg |ClipSecDial2 = v_131_0030.ogg |ClipSecDial3 = v_131_0040.ogg |ClipSquad = v_131_0080.ogg |ClipResupply = v_131_0220.ogg |ClipRestSH = v_131_0250.ogg |ClipRestLG = v_131_0260.ogg |ClipUpgrade = v_131_0230.ogg |ClipUpgrade2 = v_131_0240.ogg |ClipSearchStart = v_131_0070.ogg |ClipSearchEnd = v_131_0270.ogg |ClipRecord = v_131_0280.ogg |ClipIdle = v_131_0050.ogg |ClipSortieBegin = v_131_0090.ogg |ClipBattleMapP = v_131_0100.ogg |ClipBattleMapN = v_131_0110.ogg |ClipBattleStart = v_131_0120.ogg |ClipATK1 = v_131_0140.ogg |ClipATK2 = v_131_0150.ogg |ClipDMG1 = v_131_0170.ogg |ClipDMG2 = v_131_0180.ogg …

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