Main Menu

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The main menu page

The main menu has functions consisting of the main UI, your "secretary" Milhime, and other functions like the game options.

Main Functions

  • Sortie 「出撃」 - Send your squads to battle.
  • Squad Formation 「部隊編成」 - For resupplying and sorties.
  • Military Academy 「士官学校」 - For creation/construction, development, scraping, and production.
  • Missions 「ミツション」 - Contains information about and the status of missions.
  • Information 「戦績」 - Contains your personal statistics.
  • Picture Book 「図鑑」 - Gallery of the Millihimes you've collected.
  • Shop 「ショップ」 - For purchase of consumables and other items.
  • Renovation 「改築」 - To change the background appearance.
  • Options 「オプション」 - For volume adjustment, time setting of the background, credits, etc.

Top Bar

  • Commander's Name - Your Milihime user name.
  • Base's Level - The level of your base.
  • Troops - The number of Millihime you currently own.

Top Selections

  • Screenshot -  Take a screenshot!
  • Items - To access the item inventory and view items like consumables, instant repairs, etc.
  • Orbs - Number of Orbs you have to use in shops or for other purchases.
  • Resources - For the use of resupplying, repairing, and item and unit creation in the Military Academy.
    Fuel Fuel
    Ammo Ammo
    Ration Ration
    Gold Gold    
  • Time & Date - Tells you the time & date (Your PC's time and date).
  • Timer - To indicate the time remaining on your repairs or productions.

Squad Formation

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This is the squad formation menu of Milihime

The squad formation menu mainly helps you to reorganize, resupply, and repair your Milihimes. Resupplying and repairing your Milihimes is important in order for them to perform during Sorties. 

Main Functions

  • Milihime Overlist 「ミり姫一覧」- An overlist of the Milihimes you currently have.
  • Squads 「第No.部隊」- A tab for you to select the squads you currently have.
  • Resupply 「補給」- Resupply your Milihimes with Fuel and Ammo after their Sortie.
  • Resting At Base「休養べツド」- To see the Milihimes that are currently under repair.
  • Details 「詳細表示」- To check the details or statistic of your selected Milihime.
  • Sortie 「出撃」- To go to battle after finishing your reorganization or resupplying.
  • Dismiss「解散」- Remove everyone from a specific squad except the squad leader.

The bottom tab shows the Milihimes' summarized profile card on the left and the Milihimes you currently have under each of their own classes. The classes are sorted accordingly:

  • Light Tanks 「軽戦」
  • Medium Tanks 「中戦」
  • Heavy Tanks 「重戦」
  • Infantry 「歩兵」
  • Assault Guns 「突駆」
  • Self-Propelled 「自走」
  • Command Vehicles 「指揮」
  • Aviation 「航空」

Military Academy

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The officer school help page

The Military Academy is where you can find Milihimes that help you fight the enemy; ranging from infantry to aircraft. You can craft equipment for your milihimes using the resources you have available. You can also retire Milihimes or scrap your equipment for resources.

  • Search 「探索」- To recruit new Milihimes to join your army with given resources.
  • Retirement 「退役」- To retire Milihimes in return for some resources
  • Research 「研究」- To create new weaponry and equipment.
  • Armory「破棄」- To view the weaponry and equipment you currently have. This page also serves for the dismantling/disassembling of weaponry/equipment.
  • Help 「へルプ」- Summarized info of the above tabs.

For more detail please go to Military Academy.


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The first Information page

The information is where you can find the statistics of your profile. (needs more additional info if possible)

  • First tab「」- It shows the basic stats of your profile, like your name, the resource cap, the units in your barracks, etc. (needs translation/info edit)
  • Second tab 「」- It shows the win rate of your profile, including the rating of your wins during sorties, also on how many supply lines are being secured (needs translation/info edit)
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    The second Information page

(this part needs proofreading and translation, done adding, will also make a separate page for the Information for the details of all what it contains, after the two pages are translated -GeneralPaps)