• Repairing will restore your units to full health, at the expense of rations and gold.
  • It is not possible to cancel repairs, but you can still modify equipment or perform other activities like modernization.
  • Larger and higher-level units take more time to repair, but it is possible to repair a unit instantly by using a fast repair material(FRM).
  • FRM DOES NOT offset the resource requirements (fuel & steel) needed for repairs. The needed resources will still be consumed regardless.
  • You start the game with two repair slots. You can pay money to expand to 3 or 4 slots.
  • To use FRM to instantly finish repairs use the yellow button (shown below) or activate the button on the repair confirmation window (shown on the side).
  • Defeated (who has being "killed" during battle) Milihime will cost even more rations and gold. When trying to use FRM, it might also require special items.