Promotion is the act of improving a milihime's base stats and maximum number for stats. Promotion can only be attempted once the milihime has reached a certain level. Going through promotion consumes resources (differs depending on corps).

Some milihime are able to be promote a second time, consuming more resources and requiring a higher minimum level.

It is important to note that a second promotion will reset all modernization efforts put into the milihime and her level will also reset back to 1. It sometimes also changes the milihime's corps.

List of changes after promotion.

1st promotion 2nd promotion.
Appearance - Change
Corp - Possible change
Level Keep Back to 1

Strengthening Capacity

Keep Reset.

Strengthening Stats

Keep Reset

Condition level is determined by the corps. There are some exception cases that can be promoted at a lower or higher level.

Corps 1st 2nd
aInf Infantry 15
bMech inf Mechanized Infantry 18, 20 25
cLight tank Light Tank 20 25, 28
dMed tank Medium Tank 20, 22, 25 30, 35
eH tank Heavy Tank 28, 30, 35 40
fA Gun Assault Gun 25
gTD Tank Destroyer 25
hTD2 Anti tank self-propelled artillery 25 35
iSPG Self-propelled howitzer 25
jRocket Self-propelled rocket 25
kArty Artillery 18
lAAV Anti-aircraft vehicle 25
mCom Command car 30
nAF Aircraft 40
oGAA Ground-attack aircraft 40

Awakening PromotionEdit


Awakening Promotion is a different method of promoting a Milihime, which is the same as Promoting to Shou. However it requires items which depends on the Milihime itself.

Awaken Milihimes don't have a further promotion and their stats are much higher than others who had similar Tanks as theirs. Along with it, they had special skills that can help during both normal maps and boss raids.

List of Skills:

Milihime Skill
eH tank Kerscher Firepower and acc up when in the same squad as Carius
eH tank Pascucci Taiha/Moderate Damage Counter
eH tank Bruno Supply node restoration
mCom Mannerheim On a squad with same nationality (Finnish), all members' stats up
gTD Neigl Firepower and acc up when taiha'd
fA Gun Mayor Double attack at 55% firepower
gTD Luck Firepower up when full HP
eH tank Wahl When squad is filled with love-awakened himes, all members' stats up
oGAA Ruffer Always evades first attack
eH tank Knispel On a squad with same nationality (German), all members' stats up
gTD Lavrinenko Always evades first attack
oGAA Rudel Once per sortie, for each enemies stalled firepower +4
eH tank Erst 35% chance to protect allies
iSPG Kleeberg Critical damage +50%
eH tank Burda Morale up after rest
eH tank Carius When HP is full, all squad members' stats up
fA Gun Neumann Evasion +15 when HP full
gTD Primozic 30% chance of protecting allies from attacks, evasion +5
hTD2 Anding During cleanup phase, stats up
eH tank Wittmann When HP is full, attacks enemies 5 times at 60% FP each shot
dMed tank Barkmann In city battle maps, attacks enemies 3 times at 75% FP
nAF Șerbănescu First attack always hits no matter what