Items are consumable items that allow you to complete certain tasks, or that give your Milihime special abilities.

Item InventoryEdit

This is a translated version of the Item Inventory. From here you can see what Items you have available to use. You may also have the option to Activate them, depending on how you reached this screen.

Getting to your ItemsEdit

The Item Inventory screen can be reached in three locations.

From the Main Screen, you can reach your items by hitting the Item button in the upper left corner. You will not be able to use Items with this method.

From the squad selection screen, you may reach the Item screen by selecting the center, green button. This screen will let you activate items.

From the sortie results screen, you may also reach your Items by selecting the center, green button. This screen method will also allow you to activate items.

Item TypesEdit

Item01 Directive

Item02 Baumkuchen

Item03 Alarm Clock

Item04 Enigma Cipher Machine

Item05 Storch Liason Aircraft

Item06 War Wound Medal

Item07 Extended Leave Permit

Item08 Aerial Reconnaissance

Item13 Canned Chocolate

Item09 Dummy Tank

Item10 Train Transport

Item11 Field Repair Unit

Item12 Special Chocolate