Allow your damaged units to be repaired to full health. Repairing requires rations and gold, and will take time to finish. You can use the Alarm Clock (目覚まし時計セツト) to instantly finish the repair.

Secret Mission(?)

This is where you send your units to complete missions for additional resources and experience. None of the missions involve combat, so you won't have to worry about damaging your units. You will, however, need to resupply them once the mission is completed.


Process of using unneeded units to increase the statistics (Firepower, Accuracy, Evasion, Armour) of a single unit. Also known as Merging.

Battle Phases

  • Reconnaissance (To spot the enemies' position before the combat starts)
  • Formation Selection (Choosing formation that gives stats boost)
  • Aerial Combat Phase (Occurs only when Aircraft is present)
  • Suppressive Firing Phase (First strike by Assault Guns, Tank Destroyers, Towed Guns, or Self-Propelled Guns)
  • Shelling Phase
  • Pursuit Phase (Second shelling phase, only when Command Car is present)
  • Cover Firing Phase (Last shot by Assault Guns, Tank Destroyers, Towed Guns, or Self-Propelled Guns)
  • Optional: Mop-up Phase (Infantry & Mechanized Infantry stats boost 100%)


You can promote a unit when they reach their required level. This will result in *unit name*- II, 昇 or 昇II. Also known as Upgrading.


When your unit has low morale, you'll see either a red sad face or a blue dead-tired face on the top left of your unit's profile along with a red glow. Let them rest or get an S Rank during a sortie to boost their morale up.


When your unit is in high morale, sparkle(?) might happen. This will give your unit a stat boost during sorties.


Class Icon Japanese Full English Term
Kanji Romaji
Infantry aInf 歩兵 Hohei Infantry
Mechanized Infantry bMech inf 機械化歩兵 Kikaikahohei Mechanized Infantry
Light Tank cLight tank 軽戦車 Kei-sensha Light Tank
Medium Tank dMed tank 中戦車 Chū-sensha Medium Tank
Heavy Tank eH tank 重戦車 Jū-sensha Heavy Tank
Assault Gun fA Gun 突撃砲 Totsugekihō Assault Gun
Tank Destroyer gTD 駆逐戦車 Kuchiku sensha Tank Destroyer
ATSPA hTD2 対戦車自走砲 Taisen-sha jisōhō Anti Tank Self-Propelled Artillery
SPG iSPG 自走榴弾砲 Jisōryūdanpō Self-propelled Howitzer
Rocket Artillery jRocket 自走ケット砲 Jisō ketto-hō Self-propelled Rocket
Fixed Gun kArty 牽引砲 Ken'inhō Towed Artillery
Anti-Air Vehicle lAAV 対空車両 Taikū sharyō Anti-Air Vehicle
Command Vehicle mCom 指揮車 Shiki-sha Command Car
Aircraft nAF 航空機 Kōkūki Aircraft
Ground-Attack Aircraft oGAA 対地攻撃機 Taichi kōgeki-ki Ground-Attack Aircraft