Annihilation Battle Boss
The Annihilation Battle is a special event in which players compete with each other to see who can inflict the most damage on an enemy squad. Prizes are determined based on ranking. Unlike other battles, there are no nodes, and it is possible to send more then one squad into the fight.


Annihilation Battle Indicator Fuel

Engaging in Annihilation Battles consumes Fuel Canisters.
You can hold three Fuel Canisters at a time.
Fuel Canisters regenerate over time. A new fuel canister regenerates every 30 minutes. They can also be replenished by using special items.

The initial engagement does not use a fuel canister. Each successive engagement will use one canister. Each extra squad will also use a canister. Using canisters, you can send up to four squads into the engagement.

Annihilation Battle ScreensEdit

Annihilation Battle Indicator DisplayEdit

Located on most screens. Gives basic information and a link to the main encounter screen.

Annihilation Battle Indicator
A Annihilation Battle Fuel Reserves + Replenishment Countdown
B Details (Takes you to the HQ page)
C Current Number of Encounters

Annihilation Battle HeadquartersEdit

Main ScreenEdit

Annihilation Battle HQ Screen
A Encounters List
B Encounter Stats
C Fuel Cannisters
D Buttons

A. Encounters List Edit

Annihilation Battle HQ ScreenA

A Completed Encounter
This will add the encounter score to your total score, as well as adjust your other statistics.
B New Encounter
New Encounters do not cost fuel cannisters when you attack. Subsequent and continued attacks will do so.
C Normal Encounter
Have been attacked but not yet defeated.
1 Refresh List
2 Encounter Stats and Ranking
3 Attack this Encounter
4 Complete Encounter

B. Encounter StatsEdit

Encounter score is added to the total score once the encounter is completed. The encounter is only completed if the boss is destroyed.
Annihilation Battle HQ ScreenB

C. See Resources Edit

D. ButtonsEdit

Annihilation Battle HQ Buttons

A: Battle Selection B: Ranking C: Personal Statistics D: Return
Takes you to the Battle Selection Screen. Takes you to the Player Ranking screen. Takes you to the Personal Statistics Screen. Return to the Main Screeen.

Annihilation Battle Squad Select Edit

This is, for the most part, the same as a normal Squad Select screen. The only difference is the addition of a Fuel Canister section. This tells you the fuel cost of continuing, and also allows you to purchase additional canisters. Screen 7

Annihilation Battle RankingEdit

Various charts tracking your current ranking compared to everyone else. Each tab shows a different statistic, and your entry tracks your current rank and score. Annihilation Battle Ranking

Tab A Overall Achievement Ranking
Tab B Normal Boss Destroyed
Tab C Level II Boss Destroyed
Tab D Overall Number of Attacks
Tab E Total Damage
Tab F Daily Achievement Ranking
1 Go to your Entry
2 Go to your Statistics page
3 Return to
4 Your Entry and Squad Roster

Annihilation Battle Statistics Edit

This table shows your individual statistics and ranking for the event. Annihilation Battle Stats

Change Motto Go to Ranking page Return to Main Menu

Annihilation Battle Results (TBC) Edit

Annihilation Battle Results Annihilation Battle Results 2

Boss TypesEdit

Japanese Name Color HP
亜種[15砲塔]  Subspecies [15 turret] Red Varies
亜種[15砲塔Ⅱ] Subspecies [15 turret II] Gold Varies
亜種[15砲塔昇] Subspecies [15 turret Ascended] Platinum Varies

Special ItemsEdit

Annihilation Battle Fuel Cannister

Annihilation Battle Damage Boost

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