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• 3/11/2016

A New Hope

Guys, I've thought about this for long time, and I think: "If the game'll close on web, why don't we create a game by ourselves?"

Yep. We can create the game Militarische Madchen by ourselves, even the real game is closed. We can make the game to be an apk app to play on smartphone. We'l create by everything we have or we know from the real game. I know this is impossible, but with this way, the game'll alive forever.

I'm glad to hearing from all of u, very soon. I can't do this anole, so I need to get lots of help from you. All I need is source of the game: Girls, backgrounds, sounds, musics, medals, all the map rules,... 

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• 3/11/2016

It would be a big undertaking, and we would need an actual team to code the entire thing. Plus, there wouldn't be a lot of content to add unless we get a few artists on board.

• 3/12/2016

I have enough skills to write codes. I just need enough sources from the original game to build the game. 

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