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• 3/4/2016

Last Milihime Update!

My Japanese isn`t that great but the general gist of last confidential the staff posted is

1: This is the last update on March 8 before the service ends (I assume there`ll be minor ones incase of errors and bugs though), 2: one last event, a new boss for it too, Land Battleship Ratte and finally 3: nothing to say on the art book at this time.

Seemed to be no mention of any new himes or new satoru promotions as far as I can tell and there was some information about the event but I don`t understand most of it.

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• 3/4/2016

Well this is it, the end of all of our milihime taisen careers. At least we go out fighting a Ratte, which is insane. I actually checked pantsa's Twitter one time (artist of strachwitz) and there was a tweet stating he might do art for milihime taisen next year (this was in 2015) so I'm hoping for a strachwitz satoru.

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