This wiki needs some standardizing, we really do or else it'll be super messy for readers to read. We can start by standardizing the each individual Milihime's profile pages.

The 'profile card' size is about 333 x 456 pixels. It's inevitable as it's the default size whenever we take a screenshot and when we crop it out and upload to the wiki, the cropped size may differ a lot . Some may be 323x451 or 340x459 depending on the uploader. To standardize, we'll put all under 300 pixels (wide).


|image = File:マコーリフ.png |300px

That way, all the size of the images shown in the profile pages will be the same and standardized. The infobox template will adjust itself accordingly, so no worries. It'll look much more neat and tidy.

Also, 'Aquisition' will not be placed into the infobox template because there's simply not much of a place to enter it without making a mess. So it'll be a standalone at other sections. Will start editing a few to give you guys an idea.

PS, Sorry that I've posted this after all your editing at the Milihime pages Aku...